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Is there a monthly subscription fee?

How do I place an order with the KeeDiet®?

I don’t like one or some of the flavours in my Set Bundle, can I exchange them?

Can I get free samples?

Do you store my payment details?

Do you provide a Loyalty Scheme?
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What do KeeDiet® products contain?

Are your products really as good as other leading brands?

I have allergies; can I consume your products?

How many calories/carbs are in your products?

Are KeeDiet® products suitable for vegetarians?

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Compare KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans

What is a VLCD/LCD?

Are there side effects?

How many Bars can I have in one day?

How long can I remain on a VLCD/Ketogenic Plan?

Can I use the diet if breastfeeding?

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How much is delivery?

Do you offer free postage?

Is your delivery parcel discreet?

Can I request delivery to my work address?

Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my order?

Will the driver leave my parcel if I am not at home?

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Common Side Effects

Why do I get headaches?

I feel sick, is this normal?

My breath is horrible why?

Why do I feel so cold?

I am constipated, what do you suggest?

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About Ketosis

Why do I need to drink so much water?

I feel brilliant already, is this normal?

How many carbs can I consume to remain in Ketosis?

Does citric acid affect ketosis on a ketogenic diet plan?

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Health Matters

I am getting cramps in my legs, why?

My skin is dry & I have noticed hair loss, why?

What should I do if I become unwell whilst following?

I have noticed some bruising is this normal?

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Do you have a support group?

Why I have not lost any weight?

Do you have an KeeDiet adviser in my area?

How many calories should I have each day?

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