KeeDiet Weight Loss Experience for Men

Keediet weight loss in men

Expect Amazing Results!

Obesity in men is on the rise, but so are the number of men tackling their weight.  KeeDiet provide a private, supported weight loss experience to ensure you get the results you want fast!

With a specific Man Plan and several other KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans to choose from, we guarantee you'll find a plan to suit your lifestyle and your weight loss results will be amazing.

You don't need to join a club, pay a membership, there are no direct debits or attend weekly classes. Instead KeeDiet offer you a fresh approach to slimming, FREE Diet Plans and you just pay for the products you purchase.

Our no hassle weight loss plans are simple to follow, reducing calorie counting, shopping, weighing foods, menu planning, basically KeeDiet take the hassle out of weight loss.

Our VLCD/Meal Replacement Man Plan encourages you to burn fat, drop weight quickly and lose inches fast. This plan provides you with the opportunity to step away from conventional eating and learnt bad habits for up to 12 weeks, whilst you trim down and reboot your system.

Following this plan you will replace all conventional daily meals with KeeDiet Products and can include an optional salad and a little milk. However, Men can choose any weight loss plan if they prefer to include additional foods or take a more flexible approach to weight loss. The choice is yours!

Find out how the KeeDiet Man Plan can work for you

Choose Your KeeDiet Plan

Prefer to add a little more conventional foods in your weight loss plan or the idea of an evening meal? Want a little more flexibility than Total Food Replacement offers - don't worry KeeDiet have that covered as well! 

Take a look at the other KeeDiet Plans. All are suitable for men and will provide you with a brilliant weight loss result. KeeDiet offer a complete Weight Loss Solution, a speedy Weight Loss, structured Weight Stabilisation Plan to lock in your results and then advice and tips on Weight Management.

Make your shopping experience with KeeDiet just as hassle-free as your weight loss. Choose one of our discounted Diet Boxes, there's one linked to each KeeDiet Plan. Your shopping experience with us can be super quick, no searching for products and flavours, everything you need is in one place and our online Plan information provides you with 24 hour information and advice.

Setting Your Goal

For most men a BMI calculation is not always a true reflection of ones body fat and KeeDiet suggest a waist measurement goal is considered alongside.

Muscle is much denser than fat, so very muscular people, may be a healthy weight even though their BMI is classed as obese.

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the terms “pot belly” and “beer belly”. This is visceral fat that has taken up residence in the abdominal cavity, especially around the liver, and can cause quite a protuberance if ignored.  Unlike subcutaneous fat which primarily resides directly under the skin, visceral fat is a more dangerous type of fat. This type of fat hides around the nooks and crannies deep within your abdomen and creates a cellulite swamp of fatty tissue covering organs and clotting arteries.


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