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KeeDiet Mousse Mix

40 Servings

Create a delicious Ice Cream

Create a delicious Mousse

Add to your favourite Shake flavour

Easy to prepare

Our Mousse Mix

Our Mix a Mousse is a great addition to the KeeDiet brand.  Using your favourite meal replacement diet shake flavour add our mix a mousse and create either a delicious mousse or ice cream.  You could even get creative and make milka lollies. 

Simply follow the instructions a nutritious treat.  Our meal replacement shakes are delicious, nutritious and enhanced with 20+ vitamins & minerals. Mix with milk or water

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Mousse Mix

Approximately 40 Servings


17 kcal

KeeDiet meal replacement shakes can be used following any of our weight loss diet plans or just replace one of your daily meals. Low in calories, high in protein and fibre our meal replacement shakes are designed to help you quickly reach your weight loss goal and will make your weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable.

We receive many compliments about our delicious meal replacement diet shakes which are one of our most popular products. Since 2008 we have increased our diet shake flavours and are still committed to providing great tasting and nutritional diet shakes for an optimum and healthy weight loss. Our diet shake products are high in protein, calcium and high in fibre. We choose to use calcium casein in our products to guarantee the highest quality protein available. Not only does this allow us to create the most delicious flavours, with a great smell but also they have no bitter after taste. Your body will also slowly digest our diet shakes for over four hours, meaning your hunger is satisfied for longer.

Details provided show our meal replacement diet shakes mixed with skimmed milk (you may also use unsweetened soya milk or nut milk) or if you prefer mix them with cold water for a lower calorie, fortified diet shake. Easy to prepare at home, work or on the go, use an electric blender or shaker bottle, simply add the individual sachet contents, add milk or water and mix until smooth and creamy.

Our meal replacement shakes are the perfect choice to reach your weight loss goals. Design your own diet plan box with your favourite flavours and choose to follow for 1,2,4 or 6 weeks, choose one of our stock up bundles or take a look in our sales section all save you money on purchasing your products as individuals. We also offer a great opportunity to sample our products with our 5 Taster Pack and a 28 product Starter Diet Box to get you started on your weight loss journey

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