VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) Explained

Weight Stabilisation

The NHS and Nice Guidance determine that a weight loss plan is a VLCD plan when less than 800 daily calories are consumed and can be followed consecutively for a maximum of 12 weeks before you need to take a break (TFR Break). VLCD plans are now better known, compared to when the KeeDiet® started in 2008. Our Rapid Burn, Social, Man Plan and Fast Fix Diet are considered a VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan because they provide less than 800 daily calories and also control carbohydrates and sugar intake to induce a Ketogenic state (Fat Burning).

  • 'VLCD' is an abbreviation of 'Very Low Calorie Diet'
  • 'LCD' is an abbreviation of Low Calorie Diet'
  • 'MRP' is an abbreviation of 'Meal Replacement Product'
  • 'TFR' is an abbreviation of 'Total Food Replacement'

Following a VLCD Meal Replacement Plan you replace some or all of your regular meals and snacks with specially formulated, nutritional complete food packs such as diet shakes, soups, meal, porridges and bars. These allow you to significantly lower and restrict your daily calorie and carbohydrate intake whilst providing 100% of your daily recommended intake (RI) of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure you remain healthy and sufficient protein to satisfy your hunger, effectively replacing conventional daily meals.

It is difficult to follow a VLCD without the use of Meal Replacement products (MRP) both nutritionally and without feeling constantly hungry.... Enter KeeDiet®

Following a Very Low Calorie Diet Plan

VLCD plans should not be considered a long term replacement for a conventional balanced diet. Instead consider a VLCD Plan as a short-term weight loss option for those considered medically obese or overweight.

Drop weight fast whilst stepping away from conventional eating, bad eating habits and take the opportunity to decrease your cravings for high calorie, carbohydrate, sugary foods. A positive weight loss option allowing you to create a new healthy eating regime for a successful weight management for a slimmer, healthier future.

In order to maintain a healthy weight the recommended intake for women is documented at 2000 daily calories and for men slightly more with 2,500 daily calories, but to drop weight you need to decrease your calorie intake from these figures. Following a VLCD Meal Replacement Plan you will consume significantly less calories than stated above and therefore will lose weight quicker than following a conventional calorie controlled diet. VLCD's can be a great option for a fast but safe weight loss.

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What to consider before starting your VLCD

Not everyone is suitable to follow a VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss plan, our 'Medical Guidance' is provided for you to consider the option, before visiting your Doctor for their approval and is not intend to replace professional medical advice.

Following a VLCD with your Doctors support is a safe and effective way to reduce body fat and lose weight fast. VLCD's are generally targeted at those with a BMI 30+, however your Doctor may approve a VLCD for those struggling to lower their weight with a BMI 27+ and may agree to support and approve its use.  

Those with a BMI 40+ your Doctor may recommended that following a higher calorie weight loss plan in the initial stages of weight loss is prudent. Take a look at the KeeDiet New You PlanLifestyle Plan or 5:2 IF Plan. All these plans use Meal Replacement products  and may be a better option whilst you reduce your BMI. Once a BMI 40 is reached with your Doctors approval you can then re-consider a VLCD Plan.

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