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Meal Replacement Soups

Calorie Controlled for Weight Loss

Nutritionally complete

Suitable for Vegetarians

Gluten Free options

Easy to prepare

Our Weight Loss Diet Soups

Our Meal Replacement Soups are easy to prepare and create a hearty meal replacement soup that is delicious, nutritious and enhanced with 20+ vitamins & minerals to encourage weight loss. Our diet soups will definitely warm you up and hit the spot, whilst ensuring you feel full and keep your weight loss on track.  Our meal replacement soups are another perfect addition on any of our weight loss diet plans.  Packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help keep your body healthy whilst you successfully lose weight loss.  Mix with milk for an extra creamy soup or if you prefer, simply mix with water.

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When you feel cold, need a hug in a mug choose one of our delicious soups.  If your following one of our weight loss diet plans, add some permitted vegetables and create a chunky soup that will satisfy your hunger and taste buds.  Not only are our meal replacement diet soups tasty but they are also full of nutrients, vitamins & minerals.  Packed full of protein they are the perfect weight controlled soup to help you successfully lose weight. Our Meal Replacement soups can be enjoyed whilst following any Meal Replacement or VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) plan, and can even be used as a individual food replacement for those who are following a weight management programme. 

We also offer a great opportunity to sample our products with our 5 Taster Pack and a 28 product Starter Diet Box to get you started on your weight loss journey.  Then design your own Diet Plan Box and choose your favourite flavours and choose to follow for 1,2,4 or 6 weeks.  We also offer our stock up bundles and set diet boxes, just take a look in our shop and sales section, all save you money on purchasing your products as individuals. 

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