Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. You expressly agree to these terms and conditions when completing an order for products from our website. It is important to check here regularly to ascertain any updates. 


Golo Carb UK Ltd or KeeDiet® cannot be held responsible for any health issues arising from use of products sold via our website or other online sources.  Before using our products you must consult a Professional Medical Doctor/GP to confirm the suitability for your personal health circumstances. These products should not be bought for third party use, anyone under 18 yrs. of age, pregnant women or anyone with any health issues regardless of how small, without a professional medical consultation.

Golo Carb UK Ltd and KeeDiet® staff are not medically trained and any recommendations made relating to your weight loss and diet supplements must be discussed with your doctor or health professional.

Buyers Obligation

All customers must be 18 years and over and be legally capable of entering into binding contracts. KeeDiet products may only be purchased for the buyers use and any person purchasing from the KeeDiet website is responsible for their own health. 

After gaining approval from your Doctor / GP and before completing an order for KeeDiet products, you must first check that you are medically eligible to participate in using our products and weight loss plans. At the point of checkout you must read, confirm and agree with the KeeDiet Medical Guidance & Disclaimer, if you do not agree with the medical guidance checks or have your Doctors approval you must not proceed with your order. By checking the Medical Guidance & Disclaimer you are confirming your health is good, you have agreed with our guidance checks and have your Doctors agreement and support to follow a KeeDiet Weight Loss Plan or use our products for slimming.

KeeDiet (GOLO Carb UK Ltd) will not knowingly accept orders from any customers who we know or suspect have not been truthful in verifying their medically eligibility to use our products. Under such circumstances we will cancel a customer's order and provide a full refund. Customers purchasing and following KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans fully understand that failure to follow correctly, ignoring health guidance (including but not restricted to: medical contra-indications, medication guidance and/or remaining adequately hydrated) may involve serious health complications.

For the health and safety of others you should not re-sell KeeDiet products or give them away free to any third parties.

Medical Guidance

KeeDiet products are intended for those overweight or obese people but otherwise in good health. As already mentioned GOLO Carb UK Ltd (The KeeDiet®) require their clients to check the suitability of a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) – Meal Replacement Weight Loss Plan with a Medical Professional / Doctor prior to ordering from our website.

If you are unable to complete the Medical Guidance & Disclaimer online, please contact us and we can arrange to post the forms to you for confirmation, agreement and signature. 

Recommendations on this website, in personal consultation by phone, email or otherwise are at the client’s discretion and sole risk. The information offered is intended for people in good health, anyone with a medical condition, taking prescribed medication should gain approval from their Doctor prior to starting a diet or exercise program. If you do not have a medical condition or are not taking prescribed medication, you must still consult your Doctor before embarking on changing your lifestyle.

The staff at GOLO Carb UK Ltd and The KeeDiet® are not medically trained professionals. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you understand and accept that no information or documentation provided by us should be considered to be medical advice or medical opinion (this includes but is not restricted to our website, through any brochures/leaflets/other paper literature, content on social media accounts, or direct communication with the customer by email/phone or in person). Advice offered is from training in the diet industry and practical application dealing with the needs of our clients and our own health. Any recommendations we provide is well-intentioned guidance to aid weight loss, offered to assist our clients reach a healthy BMI and we advise you discuss further with your doctor. 

Payment Security

At GOLO Carb UK Ltd security is priority, as such we invest in industries most advanced server monitoring and reporting system. Our dedicated web server is scanned daily for signs of any spyware, malware or server vulnerabilities, we also follow and comply with the PCI / DSS recommendations. All card payments are processed by either Card Save or PayPal both have full PCI / DSS compliance and hold the highest level of server security available. 

Fulfilment of orders

At KeeDiet we endeavour to keep our stock levels on our website up to date. In the event that you place an order for an item that we cannot fulfil we will refund the cost of the goods we are unable to provide. Although we will try to meet all order requirements. We reserve the right to decline the fulfilment of some orders and this website operates on an ‘invitation to treat’ basis and not as an ‘offer for sale'. KeeDiet makes every effort to supply the goods as seen and advertised on our website www.thekeediet.co.uk/www.keediet.co.uk but reserves the right to supply the goods subject to minor variations.

Order Notes

All transactions are carried out in GBP. Once you have placed your order, confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail. If there is a problem with the order you received, please notify KeeDiet (sales@thekeediet.co.uk) upon receipt of the parcel.

It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of your order; you are notified at checkout and via email.  If you notice anything you are concerned about or that is incorrect you must notify KeeDiet® immediately.

This website operates on an ‘invitation to treat’ basis and not as an ‘offer for sale’ as a result, KeeDiet® reserves the right to decline orders for bulk or high value purchases. Your order is an offer to buy goods only. We reserve the right to refuse any order that you may place. In this case a full refund will be given.

Order notes for KeeDiet are noted by our team and we will assist where possible. Delivery notes will be added to the couriers system.  Please keep all comments brief as characters are restricted on the Couriers system.

Returns & Cancellation

Returns/Cancellation Policy: KeeDiet® Returns/Cancellation Policy forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Sale and we reserve the right to change our Returns Policy at any time. It is important to check your order or items upon receipt and always before use. If any errors occur or issues arise they need to be reported to us immediately, so we can fully investigate either with our packing area CCTV or Couriers. 

KeeDiet® operate a very quick weekday dispatch service.  If you wish to cancel your order before we have dispatched, your payment will be refunded in full to your chosen payment method. However, if the order has already been dispatched and with the courier this will not be possible and you must contact us for an Authorisation Code (see below) and return your order/parcel at your own expense.  If you wish to return your parcel after delivery, your parcel should be unopened and returned within 14 days of receipt (this will be taken from the couriers tracking system). Once we have received your order/parcel back in good/undamaged condition we will refund the price of the order less any delivery postage we have incurred.  If free or discounted delivery has been applied to your order we will refund the cost of your order less the postage we have incurred. The returning of goods is the buyers responsibility.

Please see to our dedicated Returns & Cancellation Policy for full details. This page forms part of our Terms & Conditions of Sale.  

By checking the Terms & Conditions Page at checkout and placing your order, it is understood you have also read and agreed to abide by our Returns & Refund Policy as detailed.


We use discreet packaging for delivery with no outward advertising. Delivery is not included in the price of goods and is shown as a separate cost to ensure our clients know exactly the cost of goods.  For larger orders we may provide Free or Reduced postal costs.  At checkout you may choose from available delivery options. The total cost of the goods and delivery costs are provided at checkout and before payment. Please see our 'Delivery Information Page' for costs and further details. Our Delivery is provided by selected third party couriers, we are not responsible for delivery services and enter into a contract with delivery providers and governed by their Service Terms & Conditions.

KeeDiet provide the following processing and dispatching information. We are closed Weekends and operate a weekly dispatching service. Please see our delivery service page.

We cannot guarantee delivery time scales. Once a parcel is dispatched the delivery becomes the responsibility of the couriers. Your account with us is updated as dispatched and you should also receive direct Tracking notification from the courier. However, if this is not received you may contact us and we will provide the tracking details and also provide you with as much information as is available to us.  Please ensure we have the correct email address and telephone number for us to pass to the courier.

If you have not received your parcel within the expected time, please first check the couriers system using the tracking number provided by us on your Order or by the courier through their direct email.  If after checking the couriers system you are still concerned please contact us as quickly as possible so we can carry out a full investigation.  Please provide the following details via email or our Support Ticket system

  • Order Date:
  • Order Number:
  • Name & Address of Customer:
  • Tracking Reference:
  • Information that may assist with our Investigation:

You may hold several Delivery addresses on your account. Your 'Billing Address' is the address your payment card statement is delivered to and must be provided for payment processing. Please ensure you provide a valid delivery address at the time of placing an order, if sent to an incorrect address this will cause delay and most probably incur further postal fees for you to reclaim your parcel. 


Due to a change in the Couriers Terms & Conditions if there is a possibility that you may not be available to personally receive your order/parcel it is recommended that you arrange to collect your order/parcel from a nearby shop through the Couriers System or change the delivery date to when you are available. Couriers will no longer allow us to claim for the loss of a parcel if left with neighbours,  in safe places, business addresses or in shared access location, e.g. post rooms, corridors, flats shared access areas. With many couriers you can now change the delivery address provided online after your purchase if within a specific distance. 

You may still add a request to leave your parcel in a safe place, with a neighbour etc, however, this is done so with you responsible for loss or damange. If unavailable and/or failure to make changes to the planned delivery as mentioned above, which may result in your parcel being left in a “safe place“ deemed by the courier driver the Courier Company or Golo Carb UK Ltd (KeeDiet®) cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged and unfound parcels once we have fulfilled the dispatch and proof of courier tracking and delivery is obtained to the address provided.

Parcels delivered to a Business address or with specific instructions to leave with a neighbour or in a designated place are done so at the Buyers own risk and responsibility. It is at the Delivery Drivers discretion if a parcel is left and they will only do so if considered safe and many couriers have now implemented the procedure of taking pictures of the left parcel for confirmation of delivery. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of goods/parcels in these circumstances and are unable to offer a refund.  The courier company used will not allow us to start a claim on your behalf in these circumstances either. All goods sent overseas, including Channel Islands, Eire and Europe are sent UNINSURED at the Buyers own risk & responsibility. It may be possible to add additional insurance at checkout or you can contact us for a specific price.  We will of course offer as much assistance as possible whenever our customer has experienced a delivery problem situation.

Who are we:

  • The KeeDiet® & KeeDiet® is a subsidiary company of GOLO Carb UK Ltd a Private Limited Company registered in England & Wales. 
  • Website address: www.thekeediet.co.uk
  • Limited Company Registration Number: 7381240
  • Company Registered Address:  GOLO Carb UK Ltd, 92 Station Road, Essex, CO15 1SG
  • Applicable Vat Registration Number: GB977 359 262

Contacting Us:

We aim to respond to all communications inside our business operating hours. An out-of-office hours, off-site Support Service is also available, which operates Saturday, Sunday and evenings, our support team aim to respond within 24 hours. 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept all telephone calls and suggest if you prefer to speak directly to one of our Support Team members you contact us through any of the bulleted options below and request us to call you back at a suitable time.

We can provide return support telephone calls between 9am - 3.30pm Monday to Friday and will try our best to call back within 30 minutes of the time you have requested.  Please provide us much information as possible in your message to ensure we can organise the correct call back for you.

For a quicker and reliable response and support service for our clients we provide client support channels below which are regularly monitored through working hours, weekends and evenings.

Email - sales@thekeediet.co.uk - KeeDiet Online Ticket System, - Social Media Accounts

If you need to contact us in writing please address to:

Golo Carb UK Ltd
KeeDiet - Unit 30 Atlantic
Brunel Road
Gorse Lane Ind Estate

Unlawful or Prohibited Use

All the weight loss and medical information on this web site is intended for guidance only. Products and prices are subject to change without notice and Golo Carb UK Ltd - KeeDiet® own the copyright of all materials on this site. Information provided on our site is for our customers and you should not attempt or obtain any information that is not already and intentionally made available. Our website should not be used in any way to cause harm to Golo Carb UK Ltd or KeeDiet® or used in a way to affect website functionality for others.

Privacy Policy

Please see to our dedicated Privacy Policy for full details. This page forms part of our Terms & Conditions of Sale.  

By checking the Terms & Conditions Page at checkout it is understood you have also read and agree to abide by our Privacy Policy information as provided.

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