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Keto Ready Made Drinks

100 calories per serving

Keto Friendly

High in Protein - 15g

Less than 3g of Carbohydrates

Gluten Free & Vegetarian options 

Our Keto Drinks

Handy on the go Keto Ready-Made Shakes?

Our Ready-Made Shakes and Smoothies are Keto friendly, creamy, ready to drink and the perfect on the go treat. These Ready-Made Shakes & Smoothies are high in protein with approximately 15g per serving to help sustain your hunger, combined with a low carbohydrate content of less than 3g per serving to help control your body sugars, sweet temptations and carb cravings. 

With approximately just 100 calories each our Keto Friendly Ready-Made Drinks and Smoothies are the perfect treat anytime and anywhere!

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Keto Ready Made Drinks - Shakes & Smoothies

Our Keto Ready Made Shakes and Smoothies are an innovative, keto friendly ready to drink Diet Shake, perfect any time of day and handy travel companion.  Scientifically designed to offer the lowest calories, lowest carbohydrates, yet the highest protein content to ensure hunger is satisfied.

These products are not considered a full meal replacement, therefore if following any KeeDiet Plan you have the option to add this product as an extra product or may exchange one of your Meal Replacement Products.  If exchanging a Meal Replacement Product, it is recommended necessary to add a daily vitamin & mineral supplement to cover the shortfall of any necessary nutrients. Calories and carbohydrates should also be taken into consideration. See your Diet Plan for details.

The perfect weight loss product our Keto Ready Made Shakes & Smoothies can be used to compliment any diet, weight loss or weight management!

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