Common Side Effects

Why do I get headaches?

Generally this is caused by dehydration and insufficient fluid intake. Also transitioning on to your plan, carbohydrate and caffeine withdrawal is a common side effect and both may cause headaches. Ensure that you are drinking the recommended amount of water. If permitted you can take a simple pain killer to remedy this effect.

If concerned at anytime please visit your Doctor

My breath is horrible why?

Whilst in a fat burning phase (ketosis) this causes a type of acetone to be released in the breath, which is often described by dieters as a metallic taste in your mouth.

This is more noticeable in the first few days of a VLCD / Ketogenic weight loss plan and will normally improve as your body becomes accustomed to the diet. Drinking extra water will dilute the acetones, regular brushing of teeth (and tongue) and using a mouth wash will also help. A spray breath freshener can be used and also strip sugar free chewing gum in moderation.

I am constipated, what do you suggest?

Constipation seems to be the most common side effect of being on a VLCD. It is quite normal for toilet habits to change for a number of reasons, as you are eating less food there is less to be excreted. Increasing your water intake can help. It is suggested that you consider the optional vegetable/salad allowance provided on your plan details to provide extra fibre to your diet, as some medical conditions are associated with a low fibre intake.

Passing stools should not really cause you discomfort or pain. In the first instance of constipation use a laxative to get things back to normal, but if constipation remains a problem, you need more regular fibre in your diet.

Check you are hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You could also try our water flavouring which contain natural fibre, a fibre based laxative or herbal laxative. Leaf teas are also useful along with Psyllium Husks on a low carb diet. If you are concerned in any way, please speak to a Doctor or a pharmacist for further information and advice.

I feel sick, is this normal?

Some people can experience feelings of nausea, generally in the first few days of a VLCD or Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan. This may be due the high concentration of vitamins and minerals contained in our Meal Replacement products.

Try drinking a glass of water before, during and after consuming your product which can ease this, Also consider halving your products so that you have smaller meals more often for a short period of time and while you settle into your plan.

Why do I feel so cold?

It is quite normal to feel a little colder whilst following any weight loss plan. This is due to the reduced thermogenic response to a lower food intake and of course the loss of your insulating fat! Another factor may be the slight reduction in your metabolic rate, and this is quite normal during weight loss. Move around a little more, wrap up and wear extra layers.

Is diarrhoea / upset stomach normal?

A small number of people experience this when adjusting to the mineral intake of their new diet regime. This will subside, try a fibre supplement or our water flavourings (they have added fibre) and remember to up your intake of water to compensate for loss of fluid
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