Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No, when shopping with The KeeDiet® there is no subscription, no membership fee, no monthly purchase limit. You shop with us and purchase exactly what you need when you need it. We do not store your card payment details.

I don’t like one or some of the flavours in my Set Bundle, can I exchange them?

Unfortunately any Set Plan Boxes or Bundle that provides a set list of included flavours is restricted to just those products/flavours and cannot be changed or exchanged for other flavours. We offer several Bundles and Diet Boxes and many of them allow you to choose your flavours and products.

Do you store my payment details?

For your security we do not store your credit/debit card or payment details or special delivery instructions, these must be added each time you visit and purchase.

How do I place an order with the KeeDiet®?

As an E-Commerce business we operate sales through our website.

To place your initial order you must first open an account, agree to our Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer. Once your account is open it should be easy to add your chosen products to the shopping cart and checkout by following the onscreen instructions.

Future orders should be quicker and you will simply enter your user name / email address and password to log in and place your order or view the Weight Loss Centre restricted areas.

If you need assistance please contact our Team by email or via our Contact Page and open a Support Ticket. Once your account is open we suggest that you Sign up to our Newsletter to receive FREE loyalty points.

Can I get free samples?

We offer a Taster Pack which is half the normal price with products just 77p each. Our Taster Pack allows you to select 10 products to sample. OneTaster Pack is allowed per client.

We also offer a Set 28 Starter Box which provides a full selection of 28 KeeDiet Meal Replacement products. Flavours are set and a variety provided as shown on the product link. If you are a vegetarian you can make us aware to swap those that are not suitable Products in our Starter Box equate to just £1.07p each and includes a FREE KeeDiet Blender.

Do you provide a Loyalty Scheme?

Yes, sign up to our Newsletter and each time you shop with us you will earn Loyalty Points, 1 point for each £1 spent of KeeDiet products. Save them for one big purchase or redeem them once you have saved 100 loyalty points.

Another great way to earn discounts is to recommend friends, provide a weight loss testimonial, website or google reviews, get involved with us or look our for our special offers. For all information visit our Offers & Discount page.

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