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I am getting cramps in my legs, why?

Cramping muscles may occur when on a VLCD and are generally caused by fluid imbalances and dehyration in the body's tissues. The remedy is to drink more water and regularly move your muscles. Possibly adding a few grains of salt to soups or in a glass of water at bedtime might help.

Some drugs can cause cramps as a side-effect, or make cramps occur more frequently. These include: diuretics ('water tablets'), salbutamol used by asthma suffers and others. If using any prescribed medication it is imperative that you first check with you doctor that you are suitable for your chosen programme. Also, if you have other symptoms apart from cramps, see your doctor who may wish to examine you and run further checks or review medication.

What should I do if I become unwell whilst following?

If at any time you are feeling unwell or feel concerned about your health whilst following a KeeDiet Plan we advise you to stop and visit your Doctor before continuing.

Dieting whilst feeling unwell from colds or a virus is extremely difficult and we advise that you should be fit and healthy to get the best results from your weight loss. Consider pausing your plan, eat healthy foods and return once feeling better.

We suggest whilst dieting you attend regular appointments with your Doctor. Request a health check including blood pressure test and asked to be weighed. If your health changes at any time whilst slimming or you are prescribed new medication you should discuss this with your Doctor before continuing.

Can this diet affect my immune system?

Our Meal Replacement products contain 25% of the Recommended Intake of essential vitamins & minerals each and should therefore not cause an impact on your immune system if the diet is being followed 100% correctly.

If the diet is not followed correctly then side effects may occur and your health may be affected. You may wish to take a time release vitamin & mineral supplement alongside your plan.

If concerned please visit your Doctor and discuss your health further.

I have medical issues, is it ok for me to use a very low calorie diet?

No, if you have a medical condition or are using prescribed medication you must always seek medical advice before starting on any diet plan to ensure that it is suitable for your personal circumstances.

The KeeDiet® care about you, and your health. If taking any prescribed medication, herbal remedies or have a medical condition it is imperative that before starting a KeeDiet® Weight Loss plan you speak with you Doctor.

Replacing daily meals with our products, VLCD dieting or even lowering sugar, carbohydrates and increasing water may not be suitable for you. Your medication may need careful monitoring or adjusting and your Doctor may wish to monitor you and your blood pressure may also need monitoring. Please do not under any circumstances stop prescribed medication to follow any weight loss plan, including KeeDiet.

Can I do a VLCD Diet when pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, is the simple answer. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or given birth in the last three months please DO NOT consider a VLCD or LCD. Your body needs adequate energy to give your baby the best possible chance of being well nourished and healthy. Also current guidelines advise that some micro-nutrients and vitamins must not be exceeded, for example vitamin A, which is present in all of our products. If concerned about your weight during pregnacy speak with your Doctor or Midwife who can help advise you.

Can I use KeeDiet if I take Thyroid medication?

As Soy is in many of our products and classified as a medical condition we suggest that you speak with your Doctor before using KeeDiet Products.

KeeDiet is used by many people suffering with a thyroid function complaint. However, the issue of whether soy has a negative effect on the thyroid has been a continuing controversy. The potential effects of soy on the thyroid remains a divisive issue and shows no signs of being resolved in the near future.

Can I use KeeDiet products/plans if I have High Blood Pressure?

Yes. If you have high blood pressure you may be able to follow any KeeDiet Plan, however this depends on other health issues and your current BMI. Regular monitoring is required while following your Plan. Hypertension medication and diuretics prescribed for hypertension will need to be monitored and may need to be adjusted throughout the weight loss period.

Following the Rapid Burn and lower KeeDiet weight loss plans will naturally cause water loss. Lower sodium intake generally results in a natural loss of water in the early stages. This, along with your weight loss, will hopefully reduce your blood pressure.

Many health benefits can be experienced when following a VLCD/Ketogenic weight loss plan. Not only is there often a significant drop in blood pressure, but sometimes a decrease in medication is required as well.

My skin is dry & I have noticed hair loss, why?

A few people mention dry skin and hair shedding, generally in the later stages of a weight loss plan and is generally due to the physiological response to your actual weight loss process rather than the diet products. When your weight has stabilised your hair follicles generally start re-growing.

Hair grows in 3 stages - Anagen, Catagen, Telogen. Anagen is your hair shaft growing. Catagen is a 'resting' phase, Telogen is the 'shedding' phase. Anagen uses energy and when following a VLCD you experience a decrease of energy and your body will shut down this process. This means your hair will automatically go into the Catagen (resting) phase.

When you increase your energy intake, certain hair follicles will go into Telogen (shedding) phase & the hair is then shed. This usually goes unnoticed but some people may notice a 'thinning' of the hair. The main thing is not to panic as it doesn't happen to everyone and is natural and will resume to a normal growth cycle within time. Hair shedding can also be associated to many issues – emotional stress, severe illness, pregnancy, hormones, flu, and, in a small percentage of people, extensive weight loss.

See our Nuts & Seeds Page for further information, consider using an essential fatty acid supplement/canola/flaxseed. Adding a little walnut / olive oil to your permitted vegetables/salad is a good preventative. If concerned, consider 1 or 2 capsules of essential fatty acids, e.g. Omega 3,6 & 9 which can be taken each day, extra to those in our products and may help stop your skin from drying out and your hair from thinning

I have noticed some bruising is this normal?

Occasional bruising is sometimes noticed once a ketogenic diet has been followed. It may indicate you are receiving insufficient Zinc in your diet and may need to take a daily supplement. Consider a daily vitamin & mineral supplement to cover extra essential vitamins & minerals whilst reducing weight. You may also take an additional Zinc supplement for a short time.

We recommend you discuss this with your Doctor as it's not a very common side effect.

Can this type of diet affect my menstrual cycle?

Weight loss is a known factor to the increase of fertility. You may also experience a temporary change in the menstrual cycle, miss a month or become irregular.

Your menstrual cycle and hormone levels may fluctuate with weight changes. For most, the menstrual cycle is not affected, but in some women breakthrough bleeding may occur. Others may find that their periods stop for a while. Rapid weight-loss with very low calorie diets may temporarily affect the menstrual cycle patterns, however ovulation is generally not interrupted. The metabolism of contraceptive pills may be affected during effective weight loss so extra care may be needed.

Women using a contraceptive barrier method should visit their family planning advisor regularly (approx. each 7lb dropped) to confirm if a different size is required and it may be advisable to use additional contraception alongside. Once coming off the diet or out of ketosis the normal cycle usually commences.

I am Diabetic can I use this diet?

As with any medical issues, only proceed with your Doctors approval

We believe that Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled and improved with a change to your diet and losing weight will be beneficial to your health. Following recently research we have created a weight loss plan to follow the study research carried out by Newcastle University. Our Fast Fix Diet Plan is not intended to rewrite the Newcastle Diet but instead provide an alternative product to those used in the side.

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, or are using prescribed Diabetes medication, it is imperative that you consult and confirm with your Doctor your suitability before using KeeDiet products. Please discuss with your Doctor as prescribed medication may need adjusting and close monitoring is advised. It is also helpful if your Doctor carries out blood, liver and pancreas test that can be monitored throughout the weight loss phase.

Unfortunately if you have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes it is highly unlikely that a KeeDiet Plan or Meal Replacement products will be suitable for you as this is a serious medical condition not caused by diet and using without professional knowledge, care and attention could cause long term damage to your health or in certain circumstances death. Please seek medical advice before using KeeDiet products or plans.

Why is my BMI important?

Determining your BMI and/or Waist to Hip Ratio is important as this identifies your need to drop weight. Having a high BMI often can cause medical issues and most people are recommended to keep their BMI lower than 27. BMI 25 is recognised as the optimum figure for most people, unless very muscular. See our website pages for more information.

KeeDiet plans, Rapid Burn, Rapid Burn Plus, Man Plan and Social Plan are our VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss Plans are targeted those medically classified as obese, with a BMI 30+. Those classified as overweight with a BMI 27-30, with more than 14lb / 1 stone / 6.35kg of weight to lose before they reach a BMI 25 may also be suitable and we recommend you discuss this Ketogenic/VLCD option with your Doctor.

A BMI 20 is the minimum we recommend your BMI should be. Falling below a BMI 18 you are medically classified as underweight and should not use KeeDiet Products for weight loss. Having a medically classified BMI can also affect your health.

Click here for more BMI information and Calculator

I take Warfarin medication, can I follow a KeeDiet Plan?

When using any prescribed medication including Warfarin you should ensure you are safe to follow a weight loss plan with your Doctor before starting. Your Doctor will need to monitor your warfarin dose regularly throughout weight loss to ensure your thyroid function remains stable.
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