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Effective Diet Plans for Weight Loss | Tailor a meal replacement diet plan to suit your daily lifestyle, choose a variation of Meal Replacements including Shakes, Meals, Soups, Breakfasts, Desserts & Bars!

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    "A friend had introduced me to the Kee Diet. She is a dietician and recommended it above all the other vlcd out there. The Kee products are great, the shakes in particular are delicious and I will still use them as breakfast when I'm goal weight as they are so tasty and filling!"
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    "The KeeDiet works! The shakes, food packs and bars are the nicest to taste! Because you are allowed 4 packs or 3 packs and 1 bar a day, it’s a much easier regime to stick to. You do need a bit of will power like any diet but you CAN and WILL lose weight on this diet."
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    "Fab products and great offers, delivery is quick and items delivered well packaged. Followed vlcd and lost over 12 stone maintaining for 18 month now"
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Tailor Diet Plans below and personalise your Weight Loss today

Rapid Burn Plan

Keep it simple, no calorie counting, just weight loss.
4 daily products
600-800 kcal per day
Replace all meals
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Fast Fix Plan

Potential to reverse Type 2 Diabeties and suitable for many.
3 daily products
800 kcal per day
Mix products with milk
Build my Fast Fix plan

Social Plan

Continue to socialise with friends & family whilst losing weight.
3 daily products
800 kcal per day
Include a healthy meal
Build my Social plan

Man Plan

Simple, easy to follow and experience an amazing weight loss.
4 daily products
700-800 kcal per day
Replace all meals
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Rapid Burn Plus Plan

Created for those with a BMI of 40+, taller ladies, labour intense job and shift workers.
5 daily products
750-850 kcal per day
Replace all meals
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New You Plan

Low calorie, low carbohydrates. Suitable for those looking for a regular weight loss
2 daily products
1000 kcal per day
Include 2 healthy meals & fruit
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5:2 Fasting Diet Plan

Well known diet plan, gentle weight loss and great weight management plan.
Fasting days 4 daily products
Fasting days 600 kcal
Non fasting days, eat healthy
Build my 5:2 Fasting plan
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What are Meal Replacements?

Meal Replacements are designed to replace your breakfast, lunch, dinner or daily snack. They are packed with nutrients but have fewer calories than you would eat consuming a 'regular' meal. This allows the consumer to enjoy the feeling of being full, without the need to consume a large meal. Meal replacement shakes are high in protein, so they fill you up but may not load you with extra calories. This aids in weight loss without giving up muscle mass. Look for a meal replacement shake high in protein if you want help managing your appetite. Following a Meal Replacement plan can be right for you if you lead a busy lifestyle and want to gradually lose weight, or you need to lose weight fast and want to follow a strict program that encourages your body to drop weight rapidly.

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Using Meal Replacement Diet Plans for Weight Loss

KeeDiet are a leading online slimming resource.  We specialise in energy restricted, high quality, cost effective meal replacement products for slimming. We also offer High Protein, Low Carbohydrate supplements that can be used for weight loss, weight management and are a perfect healthy snack for all the family. We offer meal replacements in the form of; Shakes, Meals, Soups & Bars.

Choosing to follow one of our easy to follow Weight Loss Plans whilst consuming our Meal Replacement Products is a great opportunity to slim, reach your goal weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.  Choose your KeeDiet Plan, choose your products and get started on your journey with us today.

Chosen by 1000s of Meal Replacement consumers

With our huge product and flavour range, competitive pricing, personal customer service, fast delivery, plus the fact that our products really work, we have already become the choice of thousands and are regularly recommended.  Our VLCD / Meal Replacement sachets are easy to use and can be mixed with water or milk to enjoy a nutritional meal.

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✔ Fast, Regular or Gentle weight loss
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