Sarah P's Story

Sarag Parry before and after Keediet
Thanks for making my losing weight so easy.
My Big Tip....Chop and change as you need to xx
Sarah's Success with The KeeDiet..
2 months later was 2 Stone lighter

I broke my back in 1996 when I was attacked which redirected my career as horse trainer to a clothing designer and restricted my exercise, now thankfully healed and life goes on. Always outside walking and riding, I am quite active but know my limits and manage my pain with limited need for pain killers....

Anyways, had a baby last Christmas Eve and she is an absolute blessing. Pushing was not an option, so elected c-section with 6 weeks house rest. As the snow was so bad that was the way I started 2010. I was due to go back to work in Feb as couldn't afford to be off for too long, unfortunately doctors and bust stitches determined otherwise! Then in March when I was meant to return..... I was made redundant, no biggy, they paid me off and we are still friendly.

I then decided to start my own business, (YummyBums). I had made all my daughters nappies and decided to start a laundry service and sell my nappies. It was very stressful not having any idea when I'd be working again and I started to gain weight. Be it baby weight, or lack of exercise or stress I don't know. I got to a whopping 16 stone. I know this may not be as much as others on here, but this is my story. I was struggling with back pain and my scar was giving me jip, I didnt need a doctor to tell me to lose weight, so I stopped buying size 22, and stopped accepting my size.

In September I looked at my lifestyle and what I could take out, change etc. Well there wasn't much ! We were eating healthier because our baby was weaned,I got a part time job, so i couldn't do anymore walking. I found the The KeeDiet on ebay of all places and started making enquiries. I started at the beginning of October and 2 months later was 2 Stone lighter and I broke for christmas.

Finally I am out of maternity clothes and feel great, my skin is clearer than ever and I feel full of energy. My plan is to keep on till my back is completley comfortable and weigh around 10 stone, I don't weigh myself much, infact i avoid it! I am realistic and love how easy the Kee Diet is to follow. I have recommended it to my friends and everyone has noticed the weight loss. I am so happy with it I will keep on using it for lunches at work because they are so convenient.

Thanks for making my losing weight so easy

Sarah xx

My Big Tip....Chop and change as you need to xx

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