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Natalia's Weight Loss KeeDiet
Not another Inspirational story... just my story!
I was approaching the dreadful 15 stone line that I really didn't want to cross.
Natalie's Success with The KeeDiet..

Slightly obese to a healthy body!!

I turned 30 this year. Not that I am old, but my 20's are over and I have to take a bit better care of myself I guess, and I've heard a million times that it's easier to start when you are young (even if I don't really believe it as my Mom lost a lot of weight after 50 and is now healthy and considerably thinner) and I was approaching the dreadful 15 stone line that I really didn't want to cross. And yes I was body confidence either way, but my clothes where starting to get a bit too tight and my knees where telling me to shred some pounds.. so I've listened;

Kee wasn't my first place to look really; actually a work colleague that had visibly lost a few stones told me the diet he did that sounded amazing but had the price tag of a mortgage. So I researched into his diet to find something I could follow equally amazing and with a price tag that wouldn't send me into debt.

I found a few, and yes, there are a few out there, some that are slightly pricier, some that have 1000 food options that taste the same but one that had pretty much the same menu as the Platinum label diet! So I've ordered a starter bundle... I set a date that I would start the diet and prepared myself psychology during a week (i.e. I ate EVERYTHIIIING) and on the day I set myself to start I started. and so I continued. Gosh the 3 first days are the worst, good I started on a Saturday as on Monday in the office people just thought I was having a cranky Monday! But that is how I also found the Secret Slimmer group (yes I was facebooking during work, but I could literally hear my stomach moaning) The group was good for questions and shared experiences and was an amazing psychological support!

The result?! All that I wanted! No I didn't become a supermodel after a few weeks, no I didn't loose twice my size and now keep obsessing about loosing weight. I lost a considerable amount of weight to the point that everybody mentions how much better I look and I can wear the clothes I like, and most importantly I went from the Slightly obese to a healthy body and my knees thank me a lot now :)

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