Leanne's Story

Leanne KeeDiet Success Story
Hello, my name is Leanne. I decided to start my journey, I wasn’t happy and my weight was causing more and more issues.
Leanne's Success with The KeeDiet..

Before I started I was 15 stone!!

I decided to start my journey in November, I wasn’t happy and my weight was causing more and more issues. I started the Diet with my mum, who has honestly been my inspiration, she has done so well with her weight loss to.

In the first photo I am 15 stone and in the second photo, just 4 months later I am 12 stone! I have lost so much! (3 stone) I followed the Rapid Burn Plan, and would buy clothes and give myself a deadline to get into them, which made me work harder for the reward of something new.

This diet fitted so well will my busy uni life. It was affordable and totally worth it! I noticed a difference very fast, I used the gym but only for light walking and I lost a stone within the first month!

Before I started I was 15 stone and at just 5’2 I considered deadly overweight, all of my health conditions were being blamed on my weight, so I had to do something! I looked around for VLCD’s and they where just so expensive, I lost all hope... that was until I came across the KeeDiet.

The products are amazing, they fit with my lifestyle and they are so easy to prepare! I’m overwhelmed with the results.

I’m continuing my journey with the keediet and my next goal is to lose another 2 stone and I will be at my healthy weight. I hope to my amazing progress continues.

Leanne xxx

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