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Julie's Diet Success with KeeDiet
Over 18 weeks I have lost 4 stones 6.5lbs (which is the weight of my 7 year-old son!) and a whopping 42" (that's more than 3 feet!)!! My dress size has gone from an 18 to a comfortable 12

Julie's Success with The KeeDiet..
18 Weeks Later - 11st 11.5lb - Dress Size: UK 12

10 years ago I was a fit and healthy bride who did her first half marathon to celebrate her 30th birthday. Since then I have had two children in quick succession and was then diagnosed with breast cancer when the youngest was just 1 years old. I had surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy over a year and almost died on more than one occasion.

My weight was the furthest thing from my mind (and everyone else’s). I was keen to nurture myself and in fact being heavy was somehow seen as a sign that all was well. I am now on hormonal treatments which have made it very difficult to lose weight by other methods, but with my 40th birthday now looming, I felt the cancer was far enough behind me for me to move on with my life and losing weight was a big step in this.

Initially I had a knee-jerk objection to what I saw as 'starving yourself' but this has obviously changed as I researched the diet, and now I wish I'd found KeeDiet sooner and would recommend it to anyone with a significant amount to lose. I am also impressed with the psychological changes that come through abstinence from food, even without formal counselling.

I have kept my own diary from Day 1 so can look back on my journey so far. My husband is thinking of doing KeeDiet as well, so that we can diet together and move onto more sensible eating as a family. My driving force is being a healthy, more attractive, active, confident person again and content with my appearance for my 40th birthday. Also to set a good example for my two beautiful children and to outwardly show that the cancer is behind me and my life is moving on..

18 Weeks Later - 11st 11.5lb - Dress Size: UK 12

So over the 18 weeks I have lost 4 stones 6.5lbs (which is the weight of my 7 year-old son!) and a whopping 42" (that's more than 3 feet!)!! My dress size has gone from an 18 to a comfortable 12. I can wear some clothes I had kept from slimmer days (including my wedding dress!) and have enjoyed buying some new ones too. My legs no longer chafe, there is no tidal wave when I get out of the bath and I can cut my toenails without having to be a contortionist! What can I say? - I am so glad I found this diet, in fact I wish I'd found it sooner, and I hope it has helped me to start a new relationship with food.

I had an amazing moment when I realised my BMI was NORMAL for the first time that I can remember! I can't wait to go back and tell my GP this good news! During the last couple of weeks I started on the Etiquette Plans, introducing protein meals more, like cooked chicken, beef or prawns with my veg or salad and am really enjoying the taste of real food again! I have had a couple of (restrained!) roast dinners and even treated myself to an occasional bit of chocolate - and still managed to lose 3lbs somehow! I can see that quite soon I will be coming out of ketosis, but all the time I am feeling more confident about maintaining my healthy diet and weight, as I really do feel KeeDiet has taught me new habits. You learn so much from your temptations along the way.

Recent Update........Hi Kee Support, I am still doing OK and have managed to maintain my weight in the correct BMI range, I’ve put a few pounds on over Christmas and am at the upper end of my 'comfort zone' with my jeans feeling a little tighter than usual. However, the great thing is, with KeeDiet, I now feel confident that within a couple of weeks or so I can be back where I want to be and feeling great again! Whereas in years gone by, I wouldn't have dared go near the scales after Christmas, and would have gone on eating like a pig, feeling I had 'blown it' and telling myself I would never lose the weight, rather than compensating for any overindulgences by cutting back a bit. I now also realise that this is what most 'normal weight' people do anyway (having spent years believing it was 'bad to diet'!)

And the great news is, instead of focusing too much on this, I can remind myself I am still more than 4 stones lighter than I was this time last year, and looking so much better! I hit 40 last year as you know, but people are telling me I finished the year looking years younger than I started it! - Not bad, long may this continue!!

Several people have also asked for details of Kee and I have happily obliged. I never thought I'd be a walking advert for a diet! - Julie x

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