Fast Fix Plan Leaflet


Consider this weight loss plan if you have 3 stone or more to drop and/or suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. With 3 daily KeeDiet® products mixed with milk and 3 portions of recommended vegetables/salad this is a flexible (VLCD) very low calorie diet plan .

Following the Newcastle Diet Study this Weight Loss Plan has the potential to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, drop weight fast, reduce stored body fat and improve your health

Burn fat, drop weight and lose inches fast!

Product Description

Our intention is not to rewrite the Newcastle Diet Study Plan and KeeDiet are not endorsed by Newcastle University. Our products have been chosen as a suitable alternative to those products use in the study to help those following the Newcastle Diet Study to help reverse Type 2 Diabetes. As a Diet Plan that offers potential benefits to those with Type 2 Diabetes it is important if you do have any medical condition or a BMI 40+ that you discuss and follow this plan with the agreement of your Doctor/Diabetic Nurse or Newcastle Diet Study Team.

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