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Weight Stabilisation Plan

Congratulations, you have done it, you have reached your optimum weight, all your hard work and determination has paid off. 

You now need to lock in your weight loss results following our Weight Stabilisation Plan and concentrate on building good foundations for a slimmer future and healthier lifestyle.

Upon request we will email you or post a PDF copy of our Weight Stabilisation Plan for you to follow.

During the VLCD/Ketogenic weight loss phase you have already become accustomed to eating smaller portions, no longer craving such unhealthy, high sugar, fatty foods and are no longer feeling that food controls you.  

Like thousands of others you have now experienced the benefits of following a VLCD / Ketogenic Diet, the amazing fast weight loss results, opportunity to remove yourself from daily habits and trigger foods, appetite suppression, regular weight loss results and of course your changing shape in the mirror.

Some clients fear the end of their VLCD/Ketogenic weight loss phase, they have felt protected with Ketosis, but there is no need.  Our easy 7-10 day Weight Stabilisation Phase will show you how easy, successful and uncomplicated it can be to return to healthy eating, whilst enjoying and maintaining your new lower weight and trimmer figure. 

Remember, if you go back to old eating habits, consume too many calories,  you will start to regain weight.  This is the same with any weight loss plan followed. Now you are lighter, you will naturally need less calories than you did before your weight loss and it is time to create new habits!

Your fresh start!

Weight Stabilisation

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Your body needs to burn as many calories as it takes in to remain at a healthy weight. It is a balancing act, working out your personal BMR figure is a good indicator and will provide you with a ceiling figure for the amount of calories you can consume.  If you make lifestyle changes you will keep the weight off, forever!

Controversy has always existed regarding the optimal rate of weight loss for long-term weight management success.  Don't be fooled by the myths that slow weight loss is more effective than rapid weight loss long term, its not! 

Results from a published study carried out by Astrup & Rossner in 2000 followed a group of dieters and examined whether gradual initial weight loss was associated with greater long-term weight reduction than rapid initial loss.  The conclusion was that there was both short and long term advantages to fast initial weight loss. The fast weight losers obtained greater and quicker weight reduction and long-term maintenance was no different, results proved they were not more susceptible to weight regain than gradual weight losers.

Healthy Eating

Before you start the Weight Stabilisation phase, it is important to be aware of the way a VLCD/ Ketogenic diet works in respect to weight loss versus weight gain and the part glycogen plays in this process.

With this in mind we have put together a Ketosis Explained page. This page is worth a read, whilst you wait to receive your copy of our Weight Stabilisation Plan and should explain and help you through the next phase of your weight loss and with weight management in general.

After reading, you will be more informed of the Weight Stabilisation Phase. It is important to follow this phase to lock in your results and gradually return to conventional foods following a controlled system.  It is quite normal to gain a little in this phase due to stored glycogen. However, remember this is not a fat gain!

If you decide you wish to drop to an exact weight on the scales or maintain a certain BMI it may be prudent to continue your weight loss plan for a short time to drop a further 4 to 6lbs. This will allow you to be at goal target once the weight stabilisation phase is complete.

Our Weight Stabilisation Plan consists of a detailed 7-10 day, easy to follow guide, and provides a day by day plan to slowly re-introduce specific food categories.

If you have followed one of our VLCD/Ketogenic Plans and would like a copy of our Weight Stabilisation Plan, simply send us a Support Ticket. We will confirm your Account/Orders and send you the information. 

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