Weight Management

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Maintaining Weight Loss

After following a KeeDiet Plan and reaching your goal weight you are in an excellent position to create a healthier lifestyle. Your body will have become accustomed to consuming smaller meals, you'll have broken the habit of unhealthy snacking and cravings for high carbohydrate, high sugar foods.

If you go back to old eating habits then you will more than likely gain weight, this is the same with any weight loss plan. Remember a 'Fat' gain will only occur if you regularly overeat and consume more calories than your body burns. So now is the time to implement some healthy changes and adopt a new eating regime to ensure you keep the weight off. 


Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Controversy has always existed regarding the optimal rate of weight loss for long-term weight management success. Don't be fooled by the myths that slow weight loss is more effective than rapid weight loss long term, it's not! 

Results from a published study carried out by Astrup & Rossner followed a group of dieters and examined whether gradual initial weight loss was associated with greater long-term weight reduction than rapid initial loss. The conclusion was that there was both short and long term advantages to fast initial weight loss. The fast weight losers obtained greater and quicker weight reduction and long-term maintenance was no different, results proved they were no more susceptible to weight regain than gradual weight losers.

Once you are at your Goal Weight, working out your BMR figure can help identify how many calories you personally require each day, providing you with a daily calorie target which will allow you to settle back into eating conventionally and help create a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off moving forward.


Moving Forward

Control your return to conventional eating and weight management to lock in your results. If you have reached your target weight by following the KeeDiet Plan, Rapid Burn, Man Plan, Social Plan or Fast Fix Diet we recommend you follow our Weight Stabilisation Plan for 7-10 days.  Slowly re-introduce conventional foods, control your cravings and load glycogen naturally and slowly (see FAQ). Once completed we suggest you continue to include one daily KeeDiet Product or follow our 5:2 (IF) Diet until you feel confident and in full control to go it alone.

If you have reached your target weight following our New You Plan 1000 Calorie Diet Plan, then you can immediately return to healthy eating or if you prefer follow our 5:2 (IF) Diet and ease yourself back to conventional eating.

Using our 5:2 (IF) Diet Plan as a future weight management method to control your weight often provides an easier solution for a slimmer future.  Choose healthy, un-processed, whole foods five days a week and for two days each week use our Meal Replacement Products.

Following a VLCD and excluding conventional foods can often identify the changes you need to make. Emotional eating habits, learned behaviours that you used in the past to deal with stressful situations, most probably caused you to overeat and gain weight in the first place. At any time throughout your weight loss journey or weight management you may benefit from extra support and guidance than your Doctor can provide. Seeking assistance from a local professional dietician to work individually with you may really help and they can provide a one to one, personal cognitive behavioural therapy programme to work on your relationship with food.

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