The Importance of Water

Staying Hydrated on The KeeDiet®

Ensuring you are drinking sufficient water not only keeps you hydrated, alert and your skin youthful, it will also help you feel full. Water helps you eliminate waste products and also removes the by-products of the broken down fat.

As with most things in life - don't overdo your fluid intake. We recommend the little and often approach is better and more comfortable.

Aim to drink a 250ml glass of water before each sachet or bar, which will also help dilute the concentration of minerals and prevent any possible feeling of nausea, then space your remaining daily required water between your meals to establish a good drinking habit and constant hydration.

For good health a suggessted maximum water intake is no more than 800ml per hour. This should be confirmed with your Doctor as high levels of water can affect some medicaion and people in different ways.

For those who struggle with plain water, KeeDiet offer Water Flavours that are compatible with Ketogenic Diets. Apart from making plain water more enjoyable, the KeeDiet Water Flavours Enhancers are also a great way to add additional fibre to your Diet Plan, or add extra flavour to our Diet Shakes.

Why Staying Hydrated on the KeeDiet is important

Unlike conventional foods which contain up to 70% of our daily intake, VLCD or Meal Replacement foodpacks are generally in a powdered format and therefore extra daily water is required.

Every person is different and the requirement for fluids can depend on factors such as, ones body size, the days temperature, your level of activity and lifestyle habits.

It is very important that you constantly replace body fluids and sufficient liquid intake is necessary to maintain proper kidney function.

On all KeeDiet Plans we recommend the minimum water consumed is 2.25 litres (approximately 4 pints). This does not include water used to mix our products, tea and coffee. Water can be tap/bottled/sparkling/hot or cold.

Water should be sipped often and in regular intervals and you should never drink in large quantities.

Drinking large quantities of water should be avoided and can cause hyponatremia (a condition that occurs when the level of sodium in your blood is abnormally low) causing nausea, vomiting, headaches and in serious cases, the brain can swell, causing confusion and although extremely rare the possibility to cause seizures, coma and death.

Avoiding Dehydration

Everyone needs to drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration. Drinking water on The KeeDiet is even more important than normal and is a key part of helping you stay healthy.

Drinking extra water will also help you eliminate waste products and remove the by-products of the fat broken down. The side effects from dehydration can make you feel quite ill, for example nausea, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth and skin, irritability, aching muscles plus constipation.

If drinking several tea or coffee cups a day, these will act as a diuretic and flush away some of your required water, denying your organs and muscles the full benefit of the positive liquids. Convert to decaffeinated drinks and increase your water intake slightly to compensate.

The very first signs of dehydration are a dry mouth and feelings of thirst; if you experience this your body can already be 2% dehydrated, every 1% drop in the water level inside your cells cuts energy production by 10%.

If you notice these signs drink a glass of water immediately; consume slowly over a few minutes, then continue your day drinking sufficient water regularly. If left unattended you will become further dehydrated and notice a darker scented urine, possible headache, fatigue, tiredness, mental fog and can feel pretty groggy.

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